Losing a baby at any time, is truly devastating and traumatizing experience for parents, and other loved ones of the child. Unfortunately, it is a rather common experience, as 25% of couples who give birth in the United Kingdom will lose their child either during the pregnancy or the birth. Tommy’s charity is focused on changing that statistic for the better–to save babies’ lives, and to spare parents the pain and suffering of loss. With today’s medical advances, Tommy’s believes it is unacceptable to have such a high rate of loss during pregnancy and childbirth.

Tommy’s charity funds research through three centres to learn more about the causes and prevention of: miscarriage, premature birth, and stillbirth. Tommy’s provides funding to: St. Thomas’ in London, the Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh, and St. Mary’s in Manchester. These centres are all funded to support their different research efforts in regards to various pregnancy related issues.

Tommy’s extends their services to parents-to-be, as well as their family and friends. Parents-to-be can receive support from a highly qualified team of experts, on any number of pregnancy problems. A midwife is available to answer questions and provide support via a dedicated telephone service. Should a family need support for pregnancy loss, Tommy’s also offers bereavement counselling.

Parents who give birth to a baby prematurely can also receive support and advice about how to handle life with baby after he or she comes home. Since each premature birth is based on a variety of different circumstances, it can be hard to know what to do–especially for new parents.

Through the research funded by Tommy’s, they aim to reduce the rate of death during pregnancy or birth by 50%. Those who are interested in helping Tommy’s raise money for their cause may do so by registering to walk at one of their fundraiser walks, registering to take part in a cycling challenge, by making one-time donations, or by choosing to provide corporate support through their organisation. It is also possible to donate by selling items on eBay, and through the organisation of an independent fundraising event.


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