Urns & Caskets for ashes

When selecting our wide range of urns and caskets, we again selected companies with a proven ethical trading practice, taking into consideration sourcing of materials that comply with the relevant regulators such as FSC and any fair-trade status which may apply.

The first four companies listed below are suppliers of our coffins and information regarding their eco friendly practices can be found on the coffin pages.

  • JCAtkinson is able to supply us with caskets which are manufactured to the same standard as their coffins.
  • Ecoffins is able to supply us with urns and caskets made from natural materials like bamboo, willow and sea grass, which can match your chosen coffin if chosen in the same material.
  • Greenfield Creations can supply us with 100% biodegradable cardboard caskets to match the coffins.
  • Colourful coffins can supply us with bespoke caskets to match any colour coffin.
  • English Pewter Company can supply us with their attractive, lead free, pewter urns and caskets. Modern pewter is 92% pure tin and added to this are small amounts of copper and other metals to give additional strength. It is a plentiful, non-toxic resource and tin mining has little or no impact on the environment. This eco friendly metal does not need polishing like silver and it does not go grey like old pewter (this is the lead content).

The above is a small selection of companies that we use to supply our urns. Rest assured that we always carry out due diligence to determine the source of materials used to manufacture their products and commit to only using those companies that meet our eco friendly standards.

Example Urns & Caskets Available