Funeral Directors in Rottingdean

Located in Brighton and Hove, Sussex Funeral Directors is an independently owned company run by husband-and-wife duo, Philip and Sallie Evans. Our reputation for compassionate, caring, and professional service has set many people at ease during the difficult time of planning a funeral. Supporting the community as Funeral Directors serving Rottingdean, we will help you throughout the process; Philip taking charge of the operational side whilst Sallie assists with the funeral arrangements and offers comfort. 

Which service is right for you?

With a lot of options available when considering a service for your loved one, we realise it can be a challenging experience, especially when you are bereaved. At Sussex Funeral Directors however, we think of choice positively, in fact we place a lot of stock in our slogan ‘for caring, compassion and choice’ because it means we’re able to really personalise the day to honour your loved one. Whether that entails a traditional approach or an alternative occasion – perhaps a natural burial for example; We always encourage you to consider your choices without any pressure and in a caring environment. We will never recommend anything unnecessarily expensive either and will remain flexible and responsive until your, and your loved one’s, wishes are met. Here are some of the service options to consider:

Attended Full Cremation Service

With a strong shift in people choosing cremation, an attended full cremation service isn’t that unlike a traditional burial service. You can still expect readings and eulogies in a service held at a parish church or at the crematorium itself. If you’d prefer a secular service, this can also be arranged at a more sentimental location before the actual cremation. A full cremation service can costs around £2,832, but depends of course on what extra services you may want.

Unattended Direct Cremation

As Funeral Directors working with the community of Rottingdean, we can also arrange for an unattended direct cremation where your loved one will be cremated, but without the funeral service. This makes it a more affordable option at about £1,182.

Full Traditional Burial Service

With an estimated price of £3,849, full traditional burial services have changed somewhat over the years but remain mostly the same fundamentally and will generally follow established protocol. So many traditional funerals will involve a minister to officiate the service at a local church before the loved one is escorted to a cemetery or crematorium by hearse, but this can be personalised to suit individual needs. 

Simple Direct to Grave Burial 

Typically costing around £2,754, some people choose for a simple direct to grave burial. This isn’t too unlike an unattended cremation, where there is no church service or graveside attendance. Loved ones are usually buried shortly after their passing.

As Funeral Directors assisting in Rottingdean, we understand that planning a service can be especially difficult when you’re grieving, which is why we offer the utmost care and compassion here at Sussex Funeral Directors and will be there for every step of the way, assisting in the choices that will make your loved one’s funeral as special as they were.

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10/10 - Couldn't have asked for more, professional, courteous, kind, friendly and great value. Thanks Phil and Bob.
From the moment we met Philip, the Funeral Director, he was warm, kind and very helpful. He gave advice with every aspect of the funeral. Philip also delivered the Eulogy of my Dad ( having previously spent 2 hrs with my fami...
His pricing is keen whilst maintaining the dignity and quality we required. I offered to give feedback as I feel when you have received a great service deserve business. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Philip ...
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