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Jointly owned by Philip and Sallie Evans, Sussex Funeral Services is an independent funeral home servicing Shoreham and neighbouring communities. They not only pride themselves on their professionalism, but also on the compassionate care they bring to the table as Funeral Directors in Shoreham. With thorough experience and a hands-on approach, Phillip and Sallie understand that the death of a loved one is testing enough without the stress of having to arrange a funeral. That is why they strive to offer as much sensitivity and support in every step along the way as possible; from an initial face-to-face meeting to sorting out the smallest details of the service.

Which Service Is Right For You?

There are a number of funeral options available, and without clear instructions from your loved one about how they would like the day to go, it can easily become overwhelming. It’s important to understand that there is no right or wrong way, only choices that will enable you to best capture your loved one and how you’d like for them to be remembered. Some people choose a secular (non-religious) occasion, while others might opt for a church service but with a motorcycle procession. Regardless of the service, Sallie and Philip will be flexible and responsive and make recommendations for you to consider without being rushed. Here are some options:

Full Traditional Burial Service

Funerals are becoming more personalised over time, but traditional burial services mostly follow the burial rites of a given religion and the customs that go along with them. For example, a traditional funeral might include a formal service at a local parish with readings and prayers chosen by the family, and a procession to a cemetery or crematorium. This service generally costs about £3,849.

Simple Direct To Grave Burial

As Funeral Directors in Shoreham, we often arrange direct-to-grave burials, where a loved one is buried shortly after passing without a formal church, secular or graveside service. This option is priced at £999 plus burial fees.

Attended Full Cremation Service

An attended cremation service can either take place at the crematorium itself or a local parish. Like a traditional burial, this option will include readings and eulogies before your loved one is cremated. If the service takes place at a church – or if you’d prefer a secular service – at another local venue, then your loved one will be escorted to the crematorium after the service. This option starts from £2,800

Unattended Direct Cremation

It could also be that your loved one discussed cremation but opted out of the funeral service that proceeds it. In that case, Sussex Funeral Services, as Funeral Directors servicing Shoreham, will be able to arrange an unattended direct cremation for the cost of £799 plus disbursements such as the crematorium fees, or doctor’s fees where applicable.

Recommended by the Good Funeral Guide, and approved members of the National Society of Allied Funeral Directors, Sussex Funeral Service are professional undertakers you can rely on to take care of all arrangements with an emphasis on our company slogan; “for caring, compassion and choice”

Traditional and Alternative Services

In addition to the range of traditional funeral services that we provide, Sussex Funeral Services helps Shoreham families plan alternative or non-traditional services. Alternative services could, or not, include religious or spiritual elements as per your family’s wishes, and generally serve to honour the deceased’s memory, wishes, and values. We can arrange services officiated by spiritual leaders across all faiths and spiritualities or a close person, such as a relative or friend.

Philip is a trained celebrant and a member of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants, and can help your family plan the perfect send-off in a dignified and respectful way that honours the life you lived.

Other examples of non-traditional funeral services that we offer include motorcycle funerals with or without a procession and environmentally friendly funeral services such as biodegradable coffins and water-degradable urns.

Why choose Sussex Funeral Services?

The loss of a loved one is one of the most traumatic experiences that nearly everyone has to go through. With over 10 years of servicing Shoreham and its nearby communities, we’ve seen what a difference it can make to have an experienced and dedicated team by a grieving family’s side. In addition to taking care of all the service or funeral arrangements and dealing with the burial or crematorium, we also act as a pillar of strength and support during this difficult time. We, Philip and Sallie, call Brighton home ourselves, and we are proud to offer personalised, compassionate, and professional funeral services to our communities and neighbourhoods. Choose Sussex Funeral Services to ensure that your family is taken care of by a husband-and-wife team of independent funeral directors with roots in your community.

To learn more about what others have said about our services and professionalism, please visit our testimonials page.

Brighton Funeral Directors
Based on 105 reviews

Frances H.
Frances H.
Sussex Funeral Services – Philip and Sallie Evans – were extremely professional and helped our family through a very emotional process. Philip as celebrant was excellent and the ceremony was handled with sensitivity, relevance and understanding.

Marianne A.
Marianne A.
Dear Phillip and SallieWe wanted to say a huge thank you to you both.It is really difficult to put into words what a difference you have made throughout this difficult process.From our first meeting I was able to put my trust in you to take care of all the details which had previously been overwhelming.It was so reassuring to have you both there guiding us on the day and putting us all at ease.We can’t thank you more

Colin H.
Colin H.
A lovely respectul service that went smoothly. The location was really peaceful and calming.

Helen S.
Helen S.
Well what can I say, Sally and Phillip did my husband very proud, with their help we organised the most amazing send off for him – organising a motorcycle and side car hearse, sourcing the coffin I wanted & writing & delivering an amazing eulogy. They dealt with the arrangements for the funeral professionally and with compassion from start to finish, communication throughout was excellent. Friends and family commented on how beautiful the service was & how well the service was delivered by Phillip in his role of Celebrant. Sallie was a fab funeral director on the day, organising the bikers who had turned up to escort my husband on his final ride. As a celebrant Phillip managed to capture the essence of my husband absolutely in the time we spent talking about him. Many people said how much they had learned from Phillips eulogy and from each of our individual tributes.Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the best send off my amazing husband could have ever wished for .read more

Funeral plans

Unfortunately, only a small percentage (±6%) of the UK population has a funeral plan in place to deal with their own eventual death. Sussex Funeral Services has partnered with one of the biggest and most recognisable funeral plan providers in the UK, Golden Charter, to bring you affordable and personal funeral plans to help protect your family and interests when the time comes. With a funeral plan in place, you are:

  • Protecting your family’s well-being – Our funeral plan guarantees that we will be right by your family’s side when you pass. This relieves them of the burden of planning a funeral or cremation/burial and dealing with other practical arrangements. Your family will have the time and support to grieve in a natural and healthy way.
  • Protecting your family’s financial interests – Funeral costs are rising around the world, and unexpected death can put serious financial pressure on an unprepared family. Funeral plans protect your family by having the financial cost of your funeral covered (minus a few small service disbursements), and with a locked-in price, protects them from rising costs.
  • Getting personalised peace of mind – Plan your funeral ahead of time and rest easy knowing that your service reflects your wishes and values. Discuss your options with Philip and Sallie to learn about the many ways this is possible.
  • Ensuring that you and your family will be taken care of by independent and local funeral directors serving your best interest.

To learn more about our funeral plans, visit our funeral plans page.

Contact us

Please don’t hesitate to call or contact us with any questions about our funeral services, funeral plans, or anything else you think we’d be able to help with. Feel free to phone or text us at 07789 174453, or contact us through our portal.

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