Our Coffins & Urns

At Sussex Funeral Services we are able to offer a range of traditional or alternative styled coffins and urns.

Our Brighton funeral directors at Sussex Funeral Services are able to offer a wide variety of coffins and urns that will suit whatever type of funeral you choose.

Although there are many alternatives to the use traditional coffins, this option is still requested by the great majority of families. Sussex Funeral Services is able to offer a selection of solid and veneered traditional coffins, made using high quality materials such as elm, oak or mahogany. Every coffin has been manufactured using sustainable timber, something that prevents deforestation and helps preserve the environment. All materials have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), a not for-profit organisation that helps improve how forests are managed all around the world.

Sussex Funeral Services’ selection of laminated traditional coffins are manufactured and designed by Bradnam’s Joinery, a company with more than 100 years of experience. Thanks to their team of specialist, Bradnam’s Joinery provides high quality traditional coffins that are carefully crafted and are able to be delivered in a reliable and quick manner.

If a family prefers not to request a traditional coffin, Sussex Funeral Services are also able to offer a selection of alternative coffins. Whether the family of the deceased prefers a cardboard coffin, a wicker coffin or a picture coffin, Sussex Funeral Services has a wide variety of coffins to choose from. For instance, wicker coffins are provided either by Earth to Heaven, or Ecoffins, both companies that specialise in natural materials and ecological manufacturing, thereby ensuring that these elegant and original coffins where designed taking into account environmental protection.

Sussex Funeral Services is also able to provide families with cardboard coffins. Manufactured by a company called Greenfield Creations, these coffins are made from biodegradable materials, and thus eco-friendly. Picture coffins are also available and can be personalised, allowing the family or the friends of the deceased to add pictures of any kind or their own text onto the surface of the coffin.

When it comes to urns and caskets. Sussex Funeral Services actively works with companies such as JCAtkinson, Ecoffins, Colourful Coffins or Greenfield Creations in order to ensure the quality of their urns and caskets. Each one of them is made with biodegradable and natural materials to reduce its impact on the environment. For instance, English Pewter Company manufactures a series of urns and caskets made of tin reinforced with harder metals, which are also offered by our Brighton funeral directors at Sussex Funeral Services.