Traditional Funeral Service

“One of the recognitions shared by humans throughout the world and over time is the importance of ritual” … “In every culture, significant transitions such as births, marriages and deaths have been marked by rituals.” ~ Kenneth J. Doka

The definition of what a traditional funeral consists of has changed over the years, but most of the fundamental aspects have remained the same.

At Sussex Funeral Services we are able to offer a traditional funeral, adhering to the time honoured and ceremonial passage of rites. A traditional funeral will generally follow an established etiquette for each ceremonial stage of the funeral.

The traditional funeral might include the formal procession with a hearse to escort your loved one to the cemetery or crematorium.

The traditional funeral might involve a minister to officiate at the service, with readings and prayers that the family have chosen.

The traditional funeral might include a formal service in a local parish church, before attending the cemetery or crematorium for the committal. Or, it may involve a full service being conducted at the cemetery or crematorium chapel.

The above is just a few examples of what may be included in a traditional funeral but will vary according to whether religion plays a part and the customs of that religion. But whatever type of funeral you choose to have, whether it is a wholly traditional funeral incorporating all of the above, or part traditional with alternative elements to personalise your loved one’s funeral.

At Sussex Funeral Services, the caring and compassionate Hove funeral directors, we offer “choice”.