Traditional Funeral Service

“One of the recognitions shared by humans throughout the world and over time is the importance of ritual” … “In every culture, significant transitions such as births, marriages and deaths have been marked by rituals.” ~ Kenneth J. Doka

The importance of rituals has been a constant throughout human history. In each and every society, our ancestors have always relied on some significant practices in order to ensure that the important steps in life of the members of the community are forever remembered.

This rituals take place each and every time a new life is born, once children grow into adulthood, every time two people decide to marry or once someone dies, helping the spiritual development of the group and allowing society to grow together. It is not strange, then, that funeral services are given such a central role in our lives. This extremely important experience should be understood in a broad context and should be taken as an opportunity to say goodbye to our significant others.

While funerals have not always been conceived in the same way, and the definition of the word has gradually changed over time, some of the most fundamental aspects have remained unchanged. At the same time, different types of obsequies have steadily developed in our society, allowing families to choose from a wide variety of traditional or alternative funerals, but also between religious and non religious services. Sussex Funeral Services allows the selection between all these alternatives, allowing families to choose the option that suits their needs best.

Our Brighton funeral directors offer the possibility of arranging a traditional funeral, a ritual that has been held for hundreds of years, and one of the most accepted and reputable services. Following a conventional etiquette, a traditional service permits the possibility of paying the customary respects to the deceased, allowing every member of the family and close friends to honour the departed. Family and friends also have an opportunity to and congregate in order to mourn, but also to comfort themselves in this difficult and challenging juncture.

Once the viewing period concludes, Sussex Funeral Services allows the option of holding a traditional service, with the possibility of arranging the presence of a minister to lead the mourners in a funeral procession into a chapel and then to conduct the religious service. The family has the opportunity to choose between a selection of different readings and a series of prayers, something that will ensure that the wishes of the deceased and his family will be taken into account. Of course, in the case where the departed did not belong to any particular church, Sussex Funeral Services can help the family choose between the most suitable options.

The family also has the possibility of selecting the parish church where they want to conduct the service, where everybody will have to option to come together before the procession to the cemetery or to the crematorium. While this is the most traditional choice, it is also possible to conduct a religious service at one of the chapels available either at the  cemetery or at the crematorium.

While traditional funeral services are long-established rites, families have the option of choosing how they would like to say goodbye to their loved ones. Sussex Funeral Services allow the selection and personalisation of each and every part of the traditional funeral, making it possible to incorporate different elements to the service. Sussex Funeral Services offer you a real ‘Choice’.

You decide, whether it’s a burial, or a cremation.  Whether it’s traditional with a religious minister or not.  Whether it’s traditional or contemporary.  The choice really is up to you.