Religious Funeral Service

If the deceased is a person who belongs to a particular faith, is a member of a church or other religious group, then it is usual for the funeral service to be conducted by a religious minister or faith leader, according to the wishes of the deceased.

If the relevant minister or chaplain hasn’t already presented themselves to the family, we will make the necessary arrangements to ensure that the most fitting officiant is available to help you prepare and conduct the service.

Again, with an emphasis on choice, we are able to discuss with you what kind of religious service is fitting, particularly where the deceased may not have belonged to a church or been a regular church attendee. We may be able to help you decide on the most appropriate chaplain.

It may be that a person’s own spiritual journey wasn’t necessarily within the structure of a church (whichever denomination) but who nevertheless owned and valued an understanding of the spiritual element of their lives. In which case we can recommend a suitable chaplain who can put together a meaningful service, which may contain elements familiar to any regular church-goer, but which may also contain other secular readings, poetry and music as well as remembrances that are personal to the deceased. Philip Evans, an independent Brighton and Hove funeral director, can help you decide which service is right for you and your family.

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Phillip was great, he went threw everything with me and even filled out the paperwork I would definitely recommend sussex Funeral services
When my brother met me to discuss our mum funeral he was sure he wanted to go with Sussex Funeral services, I said not to make that decision because they were by far the cheapest. He said he didn’t and that when he met them...
I have to say "the guys" at Sussex Funeral Services are excellent. Second to none. My Mum received the best possible care. The family are very grateful to Philip, Sallie and Ben for all that they did. If you get a chance plea...
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