Alternative Funeral Service

At Sussex Funeral Services, for those looking for an individual approach, we are able to offer an alternative type of funeral, in the non-traditional sense.

Many people nowadays are thinking about alternatives to the traditional funeral service. For someone who was not religious in the conventional sense, or who held strong but personal views on spiritual matters, the usual form of liturgy may feel inappropriate. People do not always realise that there are very few rules about where, when, and how a funeral service must be held, and it is therefore possible to customise the ceremony so that it becomes as individual as the person being remembered. A personalised service will be a celebration of a life well lived, and family and friends often welcome the opportunity to become fully involved in planning it.

A secular service can be arranged which does not involve any religious belief, concentrating instead on sharing the memories and feelings of those left behind. An example is a Humanist funeral, which generally uses a trained and experienced Humanist celebrant from the British Humanist Association, who will take time to discuss the event with family and friends, and ensure that the ceremony reflects as accurately as possible the life being celebrated. It is also possible to organise a cremation, for example, in which all the words are written and spoken by friends and family.

This kind of event could include music and poetry which have been specially chosen and performed; sometimes people like to make their choices for their own funeral known well in advance, and this can make the occasion particularly memorable. Where strongly-held views on environmental impact are involved, a green funeral is a good option. In recent years there has been a large increase in this type of funeral, using natural and bio-degradable materials (such as wicker or bamboo) for the coffin or casket and a burial site in woodland or other green surroundings. There are now natural burial grounds all over the country, with one local natural burial ground located at Clayton Wood, near Hassocks, whether it’s a full interment of an interment of ashes.

It’s also entirely possible to organise a burial at sea, which could be a good option for someone who has always loved the ocean. There are certain rules and procedures which need to be followed, but if it feels right this might be something to discuss.

You might also want to consider the type of hearse you want.  There are many different  options to suit the personality of the one who has passed.  For example we can offer a motorcycle hearse.  Bearing in mind that Philip is a Motorcyclist himself, he has recently escorted a Motorcycle hearse, as an outrider on his own Triumph Tiger.  We are also able to source a vintage lorry hearse, A VW converted camper van, the traditional horse and carriage and even a simple horse and cart.

These are just a few examples of the alternative funeral ceremonies which can be arranged by our Brighton funeral directors. We will take time and care to discuss your needs fully, to ensure that the funeralceremony is organised in a way which feels right, down to the very last detail.