Funeral Directors in Brighton

Who We Are

Sussex Funeral Services are Independent Funeral Directors located in Brighton and Hove, serving the communities of Brighton, Hove, Portslade and other neighbouring communities around East and West Sussex. We offer a complete funeral service providing all aspects of funeral care, arrangements for cremations, burials (including interment of ashes) beginning from the moment you contact us.

Independent Family Ownership

The Company is owned by a Husband-and-Wife team, Philip and Sallie. As Directors of the Company, Philip is the Operations Manager and is the Principal Funeral Director. While Sallie provides support in all areas, and in particular, can provide the more sensitive care and support that might be needed.

Owners are Hands-on

Philip and Sallie are dedicated and committed to providing the community with a very personal, sensitive, and bespoke service, to meet individual needs. As independent business owners, we ensure that one of us, will always be there during any initial and appointed, face to face meetings. Unlike some other firms, where you might not get to meet the owners, we are completely hands-on. And as such, we remain completely involved with your funeral arrangements. If you ask to meet us, then we will be there.

Our Staff

But we couldn’t do it all completely alone and so at the forefront is Ben, who works full time with us, having joined us at the beginning of the Covid crisis, he hit the ground running and continues to do us proud, by providing Philip and Sallie with the frontline support; Which would involve, usually receiving the first calls, provides callers with initial advice and guidance and then if instructed by families to do so, will begin the initial arrangements.

Independent means ‘Caring, Compassion and Choice’

As an independent company, we can provide you with a completely bespoke service that is sensitive to your needs and ensure that costs are kept to a minimum – No matter whether you are seeking a traditional occasion or an alternative approach, the emphasis is on choice and our goal is to continue to improve the availability of choices for our clients. Our company tag is “For Caring, Compassion and Choice.

We will provide the knowledge and understanding, as well as inspiration and encouragement, when needed; thus, ensuring that the wishes of your loved one, and your own requirements are met. Our objective will always be to strive to meet our client’s expectations and more.

Utmost Moral and Ethical Standards

We realise funeral arrangements, particularly when bereaved, can be one of the most challenging things you and your family will ever have to do. That is why, during this time, we care for your loved one, providing professionalism and expertise in all our undertakings; with the utmost respect and sensitivity, ensuring that our staff apply the same moral and ethical standards, as ourselves. Please read the personal statement of company director and funeral director, Philip Evans to understand more about the ethical standards and reason for starting Sussex Funeral Services.

How to choose a reputable company

It is always advisable to choose a recommended Funeral Director. One that maybe has been endorsed by a friend or loved one, having experienced a good service.

But in addition, you may wish to enquire whether that a particular provider is recommended by the Good Funeral Guide, or by an industry association, such as the Society for Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF), or the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD).

We would always recommend an Independent as a starting point, rather than one of the conglomerates, particularly when it comes to cost.

We are proud to say that we are approved members of the National Society of Allied Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF), which means that as professional undertakers, we have met with the Associations funerary industry criteria and operate under a strict code of practice to ensure that we maintain the profession’s standards. We are also proudly listed as ‘recommended’ with the Good Funeral Guide.

Which service is right for you

There are no ‘rules’ for funeral arrangements, but instead, you can choose the type of funeral ceremony you would like. We emphasise our company slogan “for caring, compassion and choice” and are proud to be a genuinely Independent business in Brighton, East Sussex.

We can provide completely bespoke services, being responsive to individual needs, whether it’s a traditional cremation or burial, which may be led by Minister, or a more alternative funeral service, that may be led by one of our trained celebrants – where the emphasis is more on the ‘celebration of life’.

Or indeed it might be that your loved one has stated that they wish to avoid all the fuss and opt instead for a less expensive approach, for example our straightforward direct cremation, or somewhere in the middle!

We will always present you with choices, and we certainly will never recommend the expensive coffins or flower arrangements either! We can help guide you to consider the various choices available, without being rushed and without over-spending.

Flexible and Responsive

We can arrange a viewing of your loved one at our funeral home in Hove or even arrange an overnight stay at your home for you and your family. As an alternative, we can arrange for the funeral service to be held at your home or another suitable venue, instead of the typical crematorium chapel service.

Whatever you choose, we can help you arrange it, even an appropriate venue for a gathering afterwards. And of course, we can offer advice on the services and options available after the funeral ceremony itself, for example, urns, headstone/memorial stones, interment or scattering of ashes.

You can rest assured that we will strive to be flexible and responsive to your needs, throughout.

Sussex Funeral Services Ltd – located in Portland Road, Hove, For a free ‘without obligation’ consultation and advice, please call Philip or Sallie on 01273 736469, or our mobile 07789 174453.

Funeral Service FAQs

How much do funerals cost?
It all depends on how much you want to spend. There are many options to either create a simple ceremony or for something more extravagant. Please follow the relevant links on our website to get a rundown of costs for several types of funeral.
Can I get assistance for the cost of the funeral?
Assistance is available from the Social Fund of the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), which may support individuals who meet the requirements needed.

To qualify, you must prove that you are the right person to take responsibility for paying the funeral bill – also, you must earn at least one of several eligible benefits and have insufficient funds to fund the funeral.

The DWP Funeral Benefit can include a fixed sum that can either cover a very simple funeral or contribute to a more conventional funeral. Your selected funeral firm will be able to advise you on the qualification requirements and the probable contribution available.

Form SF200 can be found and downloaded here –

My family isn’t religious – must I have a vicar leading the service?
No, a religious funeral service is not necessary, and there are a variety of alternatives. Maybe a relative or friend may be willing to take the service if they believe they can. Many congregation members are permitted to speak or read verses or poems.

The British Humanist Association, Institute of Civil Funerals and Qualified Celebrants Fellowship have networks of officers who can deliver a very personal, non-religious ceremony.

Check for more information from us or visit or to arrange a humanist ceremony. It is important to note that a humanist ceremony is not the same as a non-religious ceremony.

Before the arrangement of the funeral do I have to register the death?
You do not have to have the death registered to start making plans with your preferred funeral company.

Nevertheless, it is essential to have the death registered for the funeral to take place. The funeral itself would not be able to continue without reporting the death. Because of this reason, certain funeral companies can be hesitant to make plans for a funeral until they receive a burial or cremation certificate (the “Green Form”) from the registrar.

Why won’t the doctor issue the medical certificate of cause of death?
When the doctor does not grant a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death, that is generally because the circumstances surrounding the death mean that it will be referred for further examination to HM Coroner.

The doctor will only complete the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death if they know the cause of death in the 14 days before death that the deceased had been seen with.