Alternative Coffins

pic-introBelow is a selection of our Brighton funeral director‘s eco-friendly range of coffins, made from natural and / or environmentally friendly sourced materials.

Wicker Coffins
Our main supplier and manufacturer of coffins made from sustainable materials is a company called Earth to Heaven. Their designs are not only pleasing to the eye but also soft to touch and due to their beauty, often becomes the focal point of the service.

Our cardboard coffins are sourced from Greenfield Creations. We have chosen this company to supply us, with their market leading, environmentally friendly, cardboard coffin which is made from 100% biodegradable cardboard and are stronger than other eco-friendly cardboard coffins, holding up to 23 stone (150 Kg).

Picture Coffins
In addition to our traditional, willow and cardboard range of coffins we are pleased to offer a range of picture coffins. They are covered in biodegradable paper or material wraps, with graphics printed using environmentally friendly inks.

Our Environmentally friendly Coffin Range from Tributes

The Verbena Bamboo Coffin – £500

  • Bamboo is from the grass family. Many species can grow two feet a day.  When it’s harvested it does not need to be replanted as it will grow a shoot from its extensive root system.  Bamboo is an endlessly renewable resource.
  • This bamboo coffin is intricately woven and elegantly tapered.
  • It has a cream calico lined lid with cream interior, matching pillow and cover. The handles are woven rope and bamboo with a securely fitted lid.
  • This coffin is suitable for both burial and cremations.
  • Does not include floral decorationbamboo-coffin

The Isis Willow Coffin – £550

  • This beautifully made curved ended willow coffin is fitted with a cotton padded lining and wooden toggles with loops
  • The wooden base is suitable for cremation and environmentally friendly burial
  • Supplied with a wooden name plate.
  • Does not include floral decoration


The Juniper Willow Coffin – £550

  • A more traditional shaped coffin in Willow & dried sweetcorn leaves
  • The combination of weaving both natural golden willow and sweet corn leaves creates a unique coffin.
  • The wooden base is suitable for cremation and burial.
  • Supplied with a wooden name plate.
  • Matching Ashes Casket Myrtle (meaning “love”) available with this coffin.
  • Does not include floral decoration



Cromer Willow Coffin- £600

A beautifully softly shaped coffin, with woven circular handles and wooden toggles for fastening.


Traditional Willow Coffin- £600

A more traditional style of coffin in willow with twisted willow handles and toggle fastenings


The Picture Range

  • MDF with a choice of designs
  • (Please enquire for prices)

Roses & Fuchsias





The Cardboard Coffin – £300

  • A simple and sturdy 100% natural and biodegradable coffin, which comes in white, green or wood effect (shown)
  • Supplied with bamboo headrest and name plate
  • Appropriate for cremation, traditional and natural burials
  • Does not include floral decoration

carboard coffin

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