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As Brighton and Hove-based Funeral Directors, the team at Sussex Funeral Services is also independent Funeral Directors serving the Portslade area alongside other neighbouring communities. With unrivalled care and compassion, Philip and Sallie Evans cover everything from the burial or cremation arrangements, to stepping in as a source of strength and support. Having been in funeral care for over 10 years, the husband-and-wife pair understand that planning a funeral is an extremely difficult time and will go above and beyond to be sensitive and caring to your needs as we help you with any funeral arrangements.  

Which service is right for you?

A funeral is no longer a one-size-fits-all solution where you have to choose a fully traditional burial service for your loved one. Nowadays there are plenty of options to select from and it can all be personalised to better suit your needs and budget whilst still being a reflection of your loved one’s spirit. This might mean a secular service in a woodland area before cremation, or a parish service with a motorcycle procession. As Funeral Directors in Portslade, we can help you achieve whatever your vision is. Here are some of the options available to you: 

Full Traditional Burial Service

Despite slight changes over the years, the protocols of a full traditional burial service have mostly remained the same. The service will usually be led at a local parish church – although non-religious, or secular options are also available.  From there, a procession will follow the hearse to the cemetery. Although this is the way a traditional burial service usually goes, it can be personalised to suit individual needs and is typically priced at £3,849. 

Attended Full Cremation Service

Typically priced at £2,832, for an uncomplicated full cremation service isn’t too unlike the full traditional burial, in that you can still expect a service that will include readings, eulogies, and music.   In some cases this will even be conducted in a parish church if it is appropriate, before moving on to the crematorium for the committal. In most cases, however, the attended service will take place at the crematorium chapel.   

Unattended Direct Cremation

There are times where your loved one might discuss their options and choose to have an unattended direct cremation. At about £1,182, it is the most affordable service and tends to be fuss-free as it means cremation without the service. 

Simple Direct to Grave Burial 

Similar to an unattended direct cremation, in that it is a more affordable option and without the fuss of a service, a simple direct to grave burial would be priced about £2,754. As Funeral Directors servicing the Portslade area, this is something we’d be able to help arrange. 

Choosing Sussex Funeral Services as your Funeral Directors in Portslade means choosing a reputable, ethical company that will remain flexible and responsive to your needs throughout the process of planning a funeral.

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