The British Heart Foundation (BHF) works closely with families, and their funeral directors, who have lost a loved one as a result of heart disease to help them get through the grieving process. Thousands of families are left suffering, as a heart attack claims a life every seven minutes in the UK.

Beyond helping families directly, BHF focuses on funding cardiovascular research that not only helps treat heart disease, but looks for ways to prevent it as well. Currently, BHF is funding research aimed at determining how a damaged heart may be able to repair itself.

Funeral directors and families can benefit from BHF services and assistance in a number of ways, including:

  • Dedicated Bereavement Support,
  • Single Donations,
  • The Gift of Hope Website.

BHF offers dedicated bereavement support to anyone who needs to reach out. An important part of grieving is knowing there is someone to talk to. When someone loses a loved one, he or she can reach out to the BHF for that support. Simply talking about the loss can help process feelings. Talking to a BHF support member can also help someone understand that he or she is not alone, providing an extra level of comfort.

A single donation is always an option for supporters. If he or she so chooses, a single donation can be made in honor of the lost loved one. Donations are accepted online, over the phone, and via post.

British Heart Foundation

0300 330 3322

The BHF website offers a way to honor those taken prematurely as a result of heart disease. If desired, anyone can host an online tribute before, during, and after funeral services for his or her loved one.

Those who want to learn more about heart disease and how to prevent it based on the knowledge current research has provided, can use the BHF website as a reliable source. Though the website is targeted at those directly affected by heart disease, the educational and support materials available for free online can assist others in preventing the condition. Anyone currently living with heart disease can also use the resources to learn about treatment options. Cardiac nurses and heart health advisors are available to help answer any questions people may have.