It’s no secret that most people are reluctant to be confronted by the idea of their own mortality; As a nation we seldom discuss personal wishes for our own funerals, and this fear of death vanquishes inquisition, ultimately leaving us uninformed about the available options.

This general consensus to ignore the inevitable is difficult to remedy, however materials are becoming more readily available, helping people understand what options are possible when the unthinkable happens.


Farewell magazine is one such publication: which hit the shelves at the end of January, and offers pragmatic advice to anybody looking to plan their own or a loved one’s funeral. The magazine, which is aimed at the general public as well as people who work in the funeral trade, also offer its readers emotional counsel, real people’s own experiences and stories, as well as an insight into the funeral industry itself.

The creator of the magazine, Sue White, who has previously dedicated her career to planning weddings, decided to launch Farewell magazine, after the death of her father and realising that death is a life event that most of us are completely unprepared for and potentially being one of the saddest days of our lives: something that we very much need a helping hand in it’s organisation and arranging, in a mission to elucidate the entire process.

Sue also wants to make people aware of the different choices that are available, from the traditional to the innovative changes, which have, over recent years, graced the industry, to meet the needs of people, whatever their beliefs and personal wishes.

This is not Sue’s first venture into the business of magazine publications; having the position as director at White Media, she has being responsible for “White Wedding Magazine”, for the past five years, that is stocked by 370 stores, nationwide, including: up market outlets, such as John Lewis and Debenhams.

No stranger to this field of expertise: Sue white has the know-how to make Farewell magazine a smashing success! The first issue, which came out in January, explores various themes, which include turning ashes into diamonds, interesting memorial tributes, and unusual transportation for funerals such as motorcycles.

The magazine will introduce new ideas for you and even your pet. The magazine will have an initial circulation of 20,000, and will be stocked at 120 WH Smith stores across the UK, priced £3.95, as well as having a welcome home in 3,000 funeral homes, cemeteries, hospitals, hospices and solicitors’ offices.

It is also available via Subscription on their website Farewell Magazine. As independent Brighton Funeral Directors, we at Sussex Funeral Services will certainly look forward to experiencing our first copy this month!