This short article will help you get a better idea of the timelines typically involved with cremation.

How long after the funeral is the body cremated?

This question doesn’t have a single defining answer. Under normal circumstances, the body is cremated as soon as possible after the funeral, and usually within the same day. But this could be extended for a number of reasons – cremation facilities might not be
immediately available, or the funeral may have taken place in a venue separate from the crematorium and may therefore delay the cremation.

How long after the funeral are the ashes ready?

Assuming that the cremation happened on the same day as the funeral, the ashes are physically ready for collection the next day, but in practice, this isn’t usually the case. Since most funeral director offices aren’t in the same physical location as the crematorium, the ashes have to be collected. This could happen, for example, once or twice a week, but funeral directors will usually be willing to collect them on shorter notice at the family’s request.

If the family requests that the ashes be shipped to them, this can add to the wait time and further costs.

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