Sussex Funeral Services has fast become a benchmark for funeral directors in the Sussex area and beyond. Although a relatively new independent business, they have been steadily gathering momentum and are now both well respected and admired in the region.

The premises itself has been clearly designed to cater for the needs of the client. What it isnot is dark, depressing, antiquated or untidy. It is, in fact, the opposite of all these things.

There has obviously been very clear and careful thought given about how the interior of a funeral directors premises should be perceived. There is an atmosphere of light and calm as you walk through the door – of not being under pressure, which is further highlighted by the professional demeanour of the staff.

The décor is fresh and modern, without being cluttered. There is a certain pride in its appearance that Sussex Funeral Services clearly value. First impressions are vitally important, and the wish is to make a client feel as comfortable as possible in this difficult time.

There is no pretence of a salesroom here; only the keen sense of welcoming. There are helpful leaflets available, that you are free to take away with you. The various prices of the funeral services are stated on a board that you can peruse in your own time. The idea of a hard sales pitch is clearly one that this independent company want to steer clear of.

The Sussex Funeral Services premises offers a peaceful arranging room where details of the funeral can be discussed, and a serene rest room with the option of adjustable lights and calming music played through inbuilt speakers. A separate toilet is also available and follows both the overall theme of the property, as well as maintaining it’s all round sense of cleanliness and hygiene.

Sussex Funeral Services features a fully equipped mortuary and preparation facility that is maintained and run by professionally trained staff. The service they provide is one that encapsulates care and dignity to your loved one, and they will do their utmost to answer any questions or queries you may have in this process.

It is no wonder that this independent funeral directors has been garnering local support. The feeling is that this is just the start of a larger project – to reach out to as many as possible and provide their sterling services to a wider audience. That can only be a good thing for all those looking for the best in their funeral arrangements.

Sussex Funeral Services are one of the few remaining Independent Brighton Funeral Directors.  For more information contact