Independent Funeral Celebrant & Funeral Director

Before training to become a Funeral Director, Philip trained with the Association of Independent Celebrants, and is a member of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants.. 11 years on, Philip is now an experienced and successful Funeral Celebrant.  This was followed by him training as a Funeral Director and Undertaker, which led to the opening of Sussex Funeral Services, in Brighton & Hove.

Primarily, Philip was intent on providing his services to his funeral clients with a view to building a client base, which was fundamental to his success and the success of the business.

But having met and married his Wife, 6 years ago, Philip is now at a point where he wishes to pursue his celebrant vocation more  independently of their business.  At least now he has Sallie to help and support with the other functions.

This will eventually lead to Philip being able to set aside his duties and responsibilities as a Funeral Director to concentrate what he regards as a ‘natural calling’.

However being an experienced Funeral Director does come in handy to help when it comes to certain conversations with families.  At least Philip is able to answer most, if not all questions relating to all aspects of the funeral.

How Philip works is simple.  His 7 years experience as a Detective Constable, in is younger years, provided him with an array of skills to be able to listen to family members during the meeting, take contemporaneous notes in full, help family members  by asking the right questions and gently prising out as much information as possible to put together a memorable Eulogy.

Once the ‘Life Story’ is told and recorded then Philip will help put together an order for the service content so that everything hangs together in the way that is expected.  He will work with you to ensure that the service includes everything you want, including talking appropriate music and other tributes.

Philip’s objective is easy- You only get one chance to say Goodbye – he works tirelessly to ensure that the occasion is perfect.