Low Cost Affordable Direction Cremation from £899 Brighton

At Sussex Funeral Services, arrangements can be made without you needing to visit us.  As Funeral Directors Brighton, we serve the community of Brighton & Hove and surrounding areas, up to a 20 miles radius.  Though we can consider more distant areas we would need to discuss the circumstances further by phone or email.   It is always worth asking us.

Included in the cost:

  • Collection from Hospital or Borough Mortuary
  • Simple coffin suitable for cremation
  • Conveyance to Woodvale Crematorium Brighton
  • Ashes – can be collected from our local Brighton & Hove office or the Woodvale crematorium Brighton

Excluded from the cost:

  • Collection from a private residence /care home / nursing home or hospice will incur a further charge of £195.00 for daytime, office hours, or £275 if the collection involves an Out of office hours collection (& weekend & bank holidays) – it will be one or the other extra fee – not both.
  • Crematorium fee (£455)
  • Doctors fee (if applicable) – £82
  • Viewings (a surcharge for preparation and viewings is £150)
  • Delivery of ashes outside of our local area (surcharge for mileage will apply)
  • Any extra charges for bariatric allowances – (see notes below)


  • This is an ‘Unattended/Direct to Cremation’ only, service – there is no use of the chapel for mourners.
  • Full payment (cleared funds) must be received 3 days before the funeral takes place.
  • Larger Clients: In the case of bariatric (obese) clients, that cause additional or unusual requirements, or clients who exceed 6’2″ x 22″ in size, or an individual size that results in an outsize coffin being needed, then there will be surcharges added to cover the costs of extra resources and logistics necessary – e.g an outsize coffin will require a bespoke order plus delivery & VAT charges to be considered; extra bearers will be required at collection venues and at the crematorium to ensure safe handling.

Increasing trend with Direct cremations

There is no doubt that the ‘Direct Cremation’ is becoming increasingly popular as an alternate way to a funeral.  Mainly because it is seen as cheap, low cost, more affordable, budget friendly, as well as a simple, no-fuss, private and easy to arrange alternate option.

A direct cremation is a simpler more affordable way to say goodbye to a loved one who has passed away.  In short there is no service, so no funeral. Instead, you’ll simply be asked to fill in a form, which can either be done at our office in Brighton & Hove, or it can be emailed to you, to be printed off, signed and returned to us, scanned or posted.  It really is that simple.  Here at Funeral Directors Brighton, we will provide whatever guidance you might need.

Once the paperwork is completed, before we collect your loved one, we will need to have received full payment up front.  Once the payment is cleared we can then proceed with the arrangements.  The most inconvenient part of the process for you really, is the registration of death.  Again, we can guide and advise you on the most convenient way of completing this part of the process.

Afterwards, the ashes can be collected from the Crematorium at your convenience, or by special arrangement, it may be possible for the ashes to be collected from our premises, at our Brighton Funeral Directors.  We can also provide a quote for having the ashes delivered to you at your home address.
Many of our clients have seen value in the simplicity of Direct Cremations, for their own individual reasons – even to the extent of just not wanting all the extras that go with a funeral – “You’re getting rid of everything except what you want to keep”, has been quoted.  “There’s no embalming, no flowers, no music, nothing.”  Many of our clients say they prefer the option of a Direct Cremation because it allows them to focus on grieving rather than planning a funeral.

While direct cremations aren’t as common as traditional funerals, they seem to be growing in popularity. According to the Sunlife ‘Cost of Dying Report‘, the number of direct cremations in 2018 was just 2% of all cremations.  Today it’s 18%, not surprising when you learn that direct cremations cost less than half the price of an average traditional funeral.

What is direct cremation?

It’s simple a funeral without the service.  Cremation is becoming increasingly popular.  A direct cremation offers families a cheaper, more affordable, low cost alternative to traditional funerals.  While traditional funerals involve an attended ceremony, usually held at the crematorium chapel, there are many ways to celebrate life without having to go through those steps. One such option is direct cremation. Here, families decide how they want to remember their loved one — whether through a memorial service or a celebration of life service held after the cremation.

Direct cremation is a lot cheaper than traditional funerals because there are limited professional fees incurred by the funeral director and cheaper crematorium fees, that do not involve paying for the use of the chapel and chapel staff.

People often prefer to hold a remembrance service after the cremation instead of before. For example, someone might plan a party or send out invitations to friends and family members to commemorate the deceased at a time of their choosing. Or some like to hold a memorial service immediately following the cremation. They’ll invite guests to attend a gathering at home, or host a small ceremony at a local church or temple, even a picnic in a park.

The good news is that direct cremations are becoming increasingly popular.  As more people embrace this method, they’re finding it easier to find a provider that can offer such alternative direct cremation services. However, it’s important to note that there are a lot of questionable online direct cremation providers ‘lurking’ on the internet making certain promises and guarantees which needs thorough probing and clarifying. There seems to be a lack of transparency with many of them.

A recent article produced by the Good Funeral Guide of which we are proud members of, warns of using internet based ‘Direct Cremation’ providers – read all about them here: Good funeral guide & ‘direct-cremation’.

How to find a reputable Funeral Director

Nearest Funeral Directors near me?

Our advice is to first ask yourself this question – what is the nearest Funeral Directors near me?  You should be able to locate your nearest Funeral Directors by a simple Google Search – just make sure they have an actual location in your local area.  Many say they are local but may be based hundreds of miles away.  You could consider using a Funeral Director within a 20-mile radius of where your loved one died.    The community of Brighton & Hove are fortunate in that they have a large choice of funeral directors Brighton to choose from.  The question is who can they entrust their loved one to.

Independent Funeral Directors

As Independent Funeral Directors ourselves, and given our 11-year experience of working within the industry, we would always highly recommend you use an Independent Funeral Director.  But the choice, as always, is yours.  Usually, with an Independent Funeral Director you are dealing with owner/operators themselves.  That can make all the difference to the quality of customer service that you receive.  We would recommend that you use an independent funeral director who is listed as a Member of the Society of Allied & Independent Funeral Directors.

Other ticks in the box to consider when choosing your FD

It doesn’t hurt to consider carrying out checks of other recommended avenues to ensure that your potential Funeral Director is reputable and of good standing. The not-for-profit consumer support organisation Good Funeral Guide, is there for you to approach for advice on all things funeral related.  They represent the interests of the dying and the bereaved in the UK.  They also have a very good directory of recommended funeral directors, all of whom have to go through a rigorous assessment and certification in order to become a member of their organisation. We have been a trusted member of the Good Funeral Guide for 10 years and continue to maintain the standards required for our certificate of membership.  Their guide to direct cremations is always worth a read for more information.

And then of course you can consider Google Reviews and suchlike.  But I think a phone call and a good chat with one of the short-listed firms will usually weed out the less desirables from the confident best of the best, and as professionals we know what we are talking about.  I forgot to add that you could always ask about vocational qualifications too.  Though vocational qualifications such as the Certificate in Funeral Profession, or the higher graded Diploma in Funeral Directing, won’t necessarily guarantee you the best on customer services, it does provide evidence of professional knowledge and commitment to the vocation.

Finally, here you will find a list of suggested questions that you might want to ask a Funeral Director before engaging their services.  We are proud to be able to answer all the questions contained therein favourably.

Contact Us for More Information

If you would like more information with regards a Direct Cremation, or indeed anything funeral related, then please do not hesitate to call us, Philip or Sallie on 01273 736469 or text 07789 174453 or email funeral directors brighton.

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