Brighton Registry Office

Brighton Registry Office

The Brighton Register Office is where births, citizenship ceremonies, naming ceremonies, marriages, vow renewals, and deaths are registered.


The Registry office is located at Brighton Town Hall, Bartholomew Square Brighton. The postcode is BN1 1JA and there are equal access facilities for the disabled such as washrooms and hearing loop.

The opening times are between 9.30am to 5pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On Wednesday, it is open from 10am to 5pm.


The Brighton Town Hall is situated in Brighton’s Bartholomew Square. It was built sometime in the 1830s when it replaced the old town hall structure. In the past, the town hall contained some police cells which were used until the 1960s when they were shut down. Today, they make up the Old Police Cells Museum.

The hall was built from between 1830 and 1832. The decision was strongly initiated by Thomas Read Kemp to replace the former town hall. In March 2003, activists entered the building to protest England’s participation in the Second Gulf War. A significant number of property was damaged in the process.


The town hall contains three main rooms which are licenced for wedding, civil partnership, vow renewal, citizenship and naming ceremonies. They are the Fitzherbert Room, The Regency Room and the Council Chamber.

Each room is tastefully decorated with heritage theme and colours including antique furniture and crystal. The Regency Room can host 50 guests and there is a web streaming service available for a fee. The Fitzherbert Room is close to the Regency Room and is for couples that prefer a more intimate ceremony. It accommodates up to 8 guests. Ceremonies in this room are set up by appointment.

The Council Chamber is the largest room here and it accommodates about 120 guests. It is also available upon booking alone. For guests seeking a more unusual venue, the Old Police Cells Museum is often a favourite. There is room for 30 guests and it gives off a quaint vibe. Other ceremonies held in the town hall include the citizenship which is mandatory for newly naturalised British citizens above 18 years, and naming ceremonies.

The Town Hall which also houses the registry office is where new born babies are registered. According to the law of England and Wales, every new born baby is required to be registered by their parents in the district office of their birth town. This must be done within 45 days of the child’s birth.

Death registration

When a person dies, a family member or friend must register their death at the Register office in the district it occurred- in this case, the Brighton & Hove Register Office. A death registration can be booked online via the office’s official website. It must also be completed within 5 days of the death except when there is a post-mortem examination.

Any family member can register the death, including a person who was present at the death or someone in charge of funeral arrangements. If you hire a funeral director for the burial arrangements, do make sure they are accredited by the necessary authorities.

For more information, please contact Brighton Funeral Directors,

Call 01273 736469 or 07789 174453

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