Brighton Coroner’s Office

Brighton Coroner’s Office

The HM Coroner’s Office for Brighton & Hove is the official work station of the coroner, an independent legal official who abides by the laws regarding coroners and inquests.

It is the Coroner’s job to inspect deaths reported to her, that fall under the following:

  • Sudden and mysterious causes
  • Unusual or death caused by violence, or
  • Deaths while in custody of the law

It is the Coroner’s responsibility to initiate questions that will determine:

  • The deceased’s identity
  • The time and place of passing
  • Circumstances that caused their death

Where the death was caused by unexpected or sudden events, the body may be transported to the City Mortuary, Brighton & Hove and the Coroner notified. Investigations by the coroner may require examination of the body which is performed at the mortuary to determine the cause of death. In a few occasions, an inquest may be necessary.

Location of the coroner’s office

The office of Her Majesty’s Coroner, Brighton & Hove is in Woodvale, Lewes Road, Brighton. It is on the premises of the Woodvale Crematorium, quite close to the Lewes Road gate.

People using sat-navigation can use the postcode BN2 3QB. The Coroner is available for work on Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

The Coroner’s officers

The coroner’s officers are specialists and administrators who work under the supervision of the Coroner, as well as interact with family members of the deceased, doctors, police and funeral directors. They operate out of the Brighton Police Station and can be contacted between 8am and 4pm.

During emergency situations, people may reach the Coroner’s officers through the Sussex Police’s non-emergency number and request for the Coroner on duty.


To inquire about details regarding upcoming openings. Pre-inquest reviews, Adjournments, Documentary inquests, Inquest hearings and so on, please visit the website for “upcoming inquests”.

Visiting the Mortuary

The Brighton & Hove Mortuary provides autopsy and storage services for deaths that have been reported to the Coroner. Depending on the nature of the death, the deceased body may require further examination.

The Chapel of Rest within the mortuary public area is a place where bereaved family and friends may view of the deceased. All viewings are strictly by appointment and last for one hour.


When a death occurs

Whenever someone dies, the person on the scene is required to alert the necessary officials. If it is in the home, the doctor who attended to them in the last few weeks of their illness (assuming they were sick) must be contacted to confirm the death, and issue a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death.

If in the event of a death, the doctor is unable to issue a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (perhaps due to the need for further examination), the Coroner will be contacted by the doctor. The Coroner then opens an investigation into the cause of death, which is often followed by a post-mortem. If there is need for an inquest, one will be organised. After determining the cause of death, the certificate can be issued.

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