Woodvale Crematorium

Woodvale Crematorium

The grounds of Woodvale crematorium are located in the Lewes Road Cemetery in its larger area, carved out during the Victorian era. The loved ones and friends who are attending the funeral of the deceased will be greeted with the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere of the crematorium. The pleasant ambience is due to the gorgeously landscaped area next to the South and North Chapels, which sports flower beds, rockeries, lawns, a stream and waterfall.


Woodvale was opened for the first time in 1857 as the parochial cemetery for Brighton. The Marquis of Bristol put forward 20 acres of land for a cemetery to be established at the Vestry of the Parish meeting of 7 May 1856. It was the same meeting that saw the appointment of the Brighton Burial Board, who remained the overseers of the Parish of Brighton until 1 April 1902 when their responsibilities, duties, and powers were passed to the Brighton Corporation.

The name “Borough Cemetery, Lewes Road,” was then given to the Parochial Cemetery and numerous trees of fine specimen were planted in the deep natural valley where the grounds were developed. Over time, more shrubs and trees were added.

Public Transport and parking

Brighton station is the closest train station to the Woodvale crematorium and is only 30 minutes away on foot and a much shorter journey by taxi. The only bus routes that link the crematorium and the station are bus numbers 38 and 37b, and they stop close to Woodvale’s alternate Bear Road gate. There are other bus routes that do not pass through the train station except the 49, 29, and 28, which all start from the city centre.

All the chapels on the grounds of the crematorium offer free parking and designated spaces for disabled badge holders marked with sign posts. All visitors are expected to park to the left of the driveways that approach in a single direction and head away from the South and North Chapels. The parking for the Extra-Mural Chapel is no different as it is also on the driveway on the way to the chapel.

Special features and attractions

Mourning relatives are allowed to bury or scatter the cremated remains of their loved one in the Garden of Remembrance where memorials are also provided. Another popular feature of the Woodvale crematorium which dates back to the Victorian era is the Extra-Mural Chapel which flanks the Extra-Mural Cemetery. Visitors who might be yearning for a peaceful walk around the grounds may want to try the Tomb and Nature Trail, which would take them through a circular path.

The grounds of Woodvale crematorium make for a tranquil and lovely place for funeral rites can be performed. There are few crematoriums more beautiful than Woodvale. Brighton Funeral Directors will take care of all the details involved in getting the deceased cremated without you having to worry about anything. Call our Hove office on 01273 736469 or our Brighton office on 01273 67006 to find out how we can help.

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