“Dear Philip, To begin with my apologies for how long it has taken me to send this to you. Words simply cannot describe the utter devastation we all felt when Dad passed away before Christmas. He was adored by us all and we all owed him so much in so many different ways. Likewise, words cannot describe how your help, support, humour and professionalism helped us at a time of utter grief. The time and personal approach you took with us did not make us feel like just another client. The evening of running through our memories and pictures of Dad, helped us all in the grieving process. The service you gave at the funeral was absolutely first class. It has meant so much to us all that so many people who attended have since commented on how lovely they thought the service was. For us the most important tong is that Dad would have approved as well. From our first contact with you, to our subsequent meetings, to the way Dad was presented when we saw him shortly before the funeral was completely faultless. Whilst we miss dad everyday we are so grateful for all you’ve done and have done since. From all of this we are sure that we have gained a family friend for many, many years. We really are so grateful. Thanks you so much Philip. Much love, Dean, Darren, June, Joanne, Clair.”