The ‘No Fuss’ Burial Option – From £2,150

Fully Inclusive – Simple & Private

Also known as ‘Direct to Graveside’ services

pic-introThe Funeral Director Industry associations require their members to offer a basic ‘No Fuss’ funeral (otherwise known as a Direct Burial) with a given specification as part of their code of practice. However it has been officially reported in a recent Which? survey, that in spite of this requirement, many choose not to offer this option, unless the client specifically asks for it.

For transparency and integrity reasons, we want you to be aware of all our funeral service options. These are especially suitable to those in need of a simple funeral option.

Our ‘No Fuss’ Burial is an affordable alternative to the traditional funeral, which separates the ceremony from the interment and leaves families free to arrange a memorial or celebration of life service away from the interment and in their own time.

We have three prices for the ‘No Fuss’ Burial option, depending on the level of personal care of the deceased that is required and depending on whether you opt for a Brighton & Hove City Cemetery or our recommended Natural Burial Site at Eden Valley

1) ‘No Fuss’ burial option with personal hygiene care

Price £1,250* 

*plus burial plot costs

We do not embalm or use any unnecessary invasive treatments, but we do cleanse the body and dress in either own clothes or wrap in calico cotton sheeting, leaving the body in the most natural condition.


  • Collection from local hospital/mortuary* (out of hours** may also apply) see explanation below
  • Personal Hygiene care of deceased
  • Viewing in our Family Viewing Room, within office hours if required
  • Conveying to a Brighton & Hove Cemetery in our Hearsette (our adapted Mondeo Estate)
  • Coffin suitable for burial
  • Burial slot on a day and at a time of our choosing

excludes the burial plot and interment costs for the following optional cemeteries:

Hove Cemetery in Hove, East Sussex

Lawns Memorial in Woodingdean, Brighton, East Sussex

Woodland Valley (Natural Burial), Woodingdean, Brighton, East Sussex

Clayton Wood Natural Burial Ground, Clayton, Sussex

Eden Valley Natural Burial Ground, Edenbridge, Kent (includes a tree planting)


2)  ‘Absolutely No Fuss whatsoever!’ burial option





£ 1,150


Price £1,000* 

*plus burial plot costs as listed above and is our lowest price ‘No Fuss’ burial

This option is for those who have expressed a wish NOT to be unnecessarily handled in any way, or those who insist that their loved ones are left in their complete natural state.  In which case we will simply only fulfill what is necessary, ensuring complete respect of any personal wishes.


  • Collection from local hospital/mortuary* (out of hours may also apply**) see explanation below
  • Conveying to the Cemetery in our Hearsette (our adapted Mondeo Estate)
  • Coffin suitable for burial
  • Burial slot on a day and at a time of our choosing

Typical Costs

For the Absolutely no fuss option priced at £1,000 plus the cheapest cemetery option at Eden Valley at £1150 totalling £2,150 – for our cheapest burial option.


  • This is a ‘Direct to Burial’ only service – there is no facility for a service for mourners.  
  • Brighton & Hove Cemeteries  & Non-Residents:  Hove Cemetery, The Lawns Memorial and the Woodland Valley are priced for Brighton & Hove residents.  These prices are doubled for non residents.  (Doesn’t apply to the private Natural Burial Grounds at Clayton Wood and Eden Valley)
  • Full payment (cleared funds) must be received 3 days before the funeral takes place.
  • Larger Clients: In the case of bariatric (obese) clients , that cause additional or unusual requirements, or clients who exceed 6’2″ x 22″ in size, we reserve the right to either decline or withdraw our services at any time, and/or make additional charges where these become necessary, such as extra bearers; but you will be informed of any such charges before we apply them.
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*Collection fee from place of residence during office hours applies £120
(No collection fee for local hospital or mortuary collections)

**Where an out of hours callout applies there will be a charge of £200
(This is not in addition to the collection fee above but in place of – it’s either or!)