Lawn Memorial Cemetery

Lawn Memorial Cemetery

The Lawn Memorial Cemetery is one of the seven cemeteries managed by the Council of Brighton & Hove. It is maintained to the highest possible standards and according to the regulations of by-law, statutory law and customs, as well as religious and ethnic respects. While it serves as a burial ground, the Lawn Memorial Cemetery is an ideal place for long reflection walks and the park’s natural ambience makes it a good relaxation spot for visitors.


The cemetery is on Warren Road, Woodingdean, Brighton. Visitors travelling with sat-nav assist can access it via the postcode BN2 6DX.  The grounds are open every day of the year.

October to March

  • Monday – Saturday (9am – 4pm)
  • Sunday and public holidays (11am – 4pm)

April to September

  • Monday – Saturday (9am – 5:30pm)
  • Sunday and public holidays (11am – 5:30pm)



Today, the Lawn Memorial Cemetery is the principal site for burials in Brighton. It was commissioned on the first day of January 1963 on a 9 ½ acre (3.8 hectares) of land on Warren’s Farm land.  The downland stretches south of Warren Road as you approach the Woodingdean Suburb. Today, it covers roughly 36.5 acres (14.8 hectares).

The cemetery has no chapel, but the chapels at Woodvale Cemetery are often alternatives for many deceased families. One unique thing about the cemetery is the special burial sections for other religious denominations such as Quaker and Muslim faiths. Another unique aspect is that upright gravestones are disallowed: only “lawn style” interments with flat memorial tablets. This adds to the simple appearance of the whole cemetery.

In 1972, 311 remains of Quakers were disinterred from the previous burial ground on Rifle Butt Road in Black Rock and reburied at the land on Lawn Memorial Cemetery which is also known as Lawn Memorial Park. A woodland burial site was commissioned in the same area in 2010. The peaceful sloping site is bounded by trees and has a picturesque view of the English Channel.


There is a free parking area and toilet facilities for visitors. The site is also designed to serve the disabled.

Buying a memorial tablet

As mentioned previously, no gravestones are permitted on the cemetery, instead flat memorial tablets can be purchased from the Woodvale cemetery office. It is advisable to wait for about 9 months after the burial to let the grave ‘relax’. Only Approved Memorial Masons are permitted to work on the Council cemeteries and it is mandatory to submit a Memorial Permit Application form with the owner’s signature before any work is performed on site. You can obtain this from the stone mason.

Transferring a grave ownership

Sometimes, a grave can be transferred from a living or deceased owner to another person before they can be reused or a memorial is organised. The process may vary according to specific circumstances and a token fee is usually applicable.

With time, the trees in a neighbouring cemetery may outgrow their branches and encroach onto the grave space of a deceased loved one. You may exercise your “common right” to prune them to size- but only along the boundaries of the encroaching cemetery.

To find out more about burial arrangements, contact Brighton Funeral Directors.

Call 01273 736469 or 07789 174453

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