Extra Mural Chapel Brighton

Extra Mural Chapel Brighton

The Extra Mural Chapel is a Grade II listed building in the Extra Mural Cemetery. It is used for service on some days of the week, ahead of a burial or cremation. On other occasions, it is just used for a memorial service.

Location of the chapel

The Extra Mural Chapel is marked from the main Lewes Road and within the grounds of the cemetery, with a signposted parking lot.

Visitors and funeral directors may enter through the mortuary entrance on the east side of the Vogue Gyratory by Lewes Road (close to Newmarket Road). The Extra Mural Chapel is ahead towards the left, after you go past the mortuary building on the right.

Overview of the chapel

For many centuries, it has been customary to bury the dead in the cemetery of the parish church. The Extra Mural Chapel was built in 1851 and situated quite far from the main crematorium building. The seating capacity can host about 80 people and there are facilities such as CD player and audio devices that have a socket for headphones. Parking is free and there are public restrooms including toilets for the disabled.

Visitors are advised that the Extra Mural Chapel cannot be accessed from the main gate of the Woodvale crematorium. There is a separate gate with a signpost, opposite the British Petroleum petrol station, roughly 50 yards north and towards the southbound area of Lewes Road, if you are coming via the main Woodvale gate.

The parking area is beside the chapel and is marked. Staff of Woodvale will be available to guide and help visitors with parking and entry. The mortuary is always busy, but the doors are always shut and discretion is applied. Where possible, vehicles won’t be parked by the side of the mortuary.

Visitors who want to book a viewing can contact the Woodvale Lodge Office.

Terms of chapel use

  • Woodvale cannot avail a chapel attendant to operate the audio equipment for visitors.
  • If a chapel is currently under use for service- ahead of a cremation, the funeral director or person organising the funeral ceremony will still be responsible for conveying the coffin from the chapel to the crematorium after service. It is also advisable to book a time for coffin arrival at either the North or South Chapel. A regular fee is applicable for booking in the North or South Chapel as well as an additional ‘chapel fee’ to use the Extra Mural Chapel.
  • There is no charge for using the Extra Mural Chapel provided the burial will hold at a cemetery operated by a Brighton & Hove City Council.
  • A ‘chapel use’ fee applies if it is only being used for a memorial service, or if the coffin is to be taken to a burial ground (or crematorium) not operated by Brighton & Hove City Council.

Using a funeral director

You may choose to hire a funeral director to plan and organise the whole ceremony. Ensure that they belong to a recognised trade association such as the National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors or the National Association of Funeral Directors.

For more details, please contact Brighton Funeral Directors,

Call 01273 736469 or 07789 174453

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