Clayton Wood Natural Burial

Clayton Wood Natural Burial Ground

If you are out and about in Brighton and looking for the ideal place to spend a quiet afternoon, Clayton Wood Natural Burial Ground doesn’t disappoint. Never mind that it is a cemetery, some of the most tranquil places are situated close to or within a memorial ground.


Clayton Wood Natural Burial Ground is located on Brighton Road, Clayton. The post code is BN6 9PD. It overlooks a picturesque view to Jack and Jill Windmills. The Chapel overlooks the grounds and South Downs which is an ideal place to lay a loved one to rest.

Overview (Features and details)

Since its inception in 2008, Clayton Wood natural burial ground has been a place where people find solace for themselves, or a final resting place for their deceased. Located in fifteen acres of countryside in South Downs National Park, it is an area protected from development by the Heritage organisation.

Clayton Wood is situated not far from Jack and Jill Windmills, which gets its name from the popular nursery rhyme. The striking features of the burial site is not only its calming atmosphere, but the natural look and feel of its surroundings. It is a large expanse of green, including oak and cherry trees. It also has a pond in the corner with the occasional fish that dart to the surface and back. There are several dedicated areas for a natural burial or the dispersal of cremated remains on lawns surrounded by trees grown for future generations to experience.


For visitors who want one, there is a guided tour of the grounds where a staff will talk your through the options available. The main facilities include the Oak Service Hall, an on-site parking lot and restrooms. So, if you drive there, you are assured of an available parking space while you walk the grassy grounds.

The Oak Service Hall is a beautiful place built for both memorial services and funerals. It is made to complement the natural ambiance of Clayton Wood. The wood timbered building has larger floor to ceiling windows offer lots of natural light and a picturesque view of the South Downs. The facility has a strong emphasis on sustainability and nature, which are evident in the simple architecture of the building.

The Oak Service Hall is built to accommodate about 60 people. The bi-folding doors of the hall can be fully opened in summer to give the feeling of an open-air environment. However, because of its close proximity to a National Park, the Oak Hall has limited heating options. As a result, visitors are advised to come adequately protected in colder weather.

Peculiar features

Perhaps one of the more distinguishing features of Clayton Wood Natural Burial Ground is the simplicity of the burial ground. There are no headstones or marbles like the typical cemetery. Instead, all nameplates on ground are made of wood, as if in accordance with its natural woodland structure. There is natural flora such as native bulbs and dandelions strewn across the lawns, including butterflies, zipping dragon-flies and the occasional stuttering birds.

It is a place worth considering as a final resting spot for loved ones and oneself. Should you wish to find out more about such arrangements, contact Brighton Funeral Services. Call 0273 670066

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