Brighton Probate Office

Brighton Probate Office

Brighton Probate Registry is a branch of the court that provides professional help with probate services. If you need help administering an individual’s estate and establishing the validity of a Will, solicitors at the probate office will guide you.


The Brighton Probate Registry is situated at William Street, Brighton. Post code BN2 0RF. The District Probate Registry is open for public service between 9.30am and 4.00pm from Monday to Friday. Interview appointments at Brighton Probate Office are scheduled between the hours of 9.30am and 3.30pm on Monday to Friday, according to demand.


Interviews are only available in Brighton. The Brighton Probate office helps individuals with all or any part of the probate process. They serve the whole of Sussex are that is under the jurisdiction of the Brighton Probate Registry. Fees are affordable, and the office works with an Estate Planner who can provide consultations on planning if you do not have one. There will always be need for changes to your legal planning, and a qualified professional can help you plan them conveniently.

The Brighton Probate Office provides assistance for various probate needs. With local people in many parts of East and West Sussex who can see you at reasonable times during the day and on weekends too.

Planning your will

One of the main services of the probate office is to validate your will before the court. Whether you are the writer or an executor, you can complete the process at the Brighton Probate office. If you are having trouble planning or writing your will, you can get help from a probate solicitor.

Adequate planning can help diversify wealth and prevent your loved ones from losing a significant part of their inheritance money to the tax man. Inheritance tax can be avoided by properly sharing and executing a will before it is too late. At the probate office, individuals can get solicitors to prepare a wealth diversification plan, as well as execute a will that will be admissible in the court of law.

Deed of variation

This is the process via which an estate is shared out after death. To avoid the legal battles that follow an improper estate sharing, individuals are advised to work with professionals in the probate office and sort their deed of variation. There are two sorts:

  • The deed of variation of Intestacy
  • The deed of variation of a Will

Choosing a lasting power of attorney

In the event of a person’s death, it is important to have a suitable power of attorney that ensures the estate is properly executed, with each beneficiary receiving the deserving property. This is also another service provided at the Brighton Probate Office; appointing a reliable power of attorney helps save families from needless legal conflicts.

What Brighton Probate Office does not do:

The Probate office provides probate forms for various probate services. However, it does NOT deal with registering marriages, births or death.

To register a death or plan for funeral arrangements, contact Brighton Funeral Directors.

Call 01273 736469 or 07789 174453

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